Oceanis places recreational navigation under the sign of sharing and the well-being of living in the sea. Indefatigable cruises, the ten models from 31' to 62' feet decline the word comfort in all forms, starting with that of the hull, stable and effective. Equally absolute comfort in terms of baths, bathing platforms and interior spaces, which offer an environment conducive to rest and the pleasure of being together. Comfort even when, in the same size, the Oceanis is capable of an exemplary modularity that allows each family, each tribe, to have a boat with which they identify themselves, offering interior solutions and a level of finish adapted to their needs and their way of living the sea.
Safe and vital, the Oceanis is comfortable both in coastal cruising and in high altitude navigation. Traveler who feels at home in all the seas of the world, the most demanding shipowners will love it.