The new Barracuda 7 announces the renewal of the highly dynamic and constantly progressing Barracuda family.

Drawing from the experience of the Barracuda Tours, this new isher and adventurer offers two versions with different layouts, in addition to more than thirty customization options perfectly in keeping with owners’ desires.



Beneiting from Beneteau’s vast experience in the development of hulls speciic to each type of programme, this new Barracuda 7 is built on the latest hull perfected for outboard motorboats under 9 metres in length. Quick to plane and stable to drive, she is safe underway, but makes no concessions to sensations. Proposed with a single electronically controlled engine between 150 and 200 HP, the Barracuda 7 reaches top speeds of 40 knots, making it quick and easy to get to ishing spots. Her 200-litre tank gives her great autonomy.



The new Barracuda 7 has larger reorganized spaces. The straight fully glazed pilothouse, whose style met with great success, houses a larger helm station with a very comfortable co-pilot’s seat.

The two side doors opening onto the port and starboard walkways make movement on board easier and allow for ishing on either side of the boat. Completely independent from the pilothouse with an entrance just below the co-pilot’s seat is a huge stowage space that can be converted into a double berth. It is also where the heads are located.


Although the Barracuda 7’s pedigree makes her a formidable ishing boat, she can also be adapted to more relaxed programmes. Beneteau offers two very clever versions of the interior.

Designed to simplify movement and ishing

manoeuvres as much as possible, the 3-door version has a pilothouse with a three-leaf sliding glass door so that it communicates with the cockpit. The interior of the pilothouse on the 2-door version is designed for up to 5 people. It is closed off at the stern, with a full width bench seat. The light oak woodwork and extremely durable carbon grey upholstery gives the interior a pleasant modern atmosphere.